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To Teach the highest quality Martial arts
To empower our students with valuable skills for daily life
To contribute to a safe and peaceful community

Master Kim/Martial Arts/Taekwondo/Karate/Instructor/Head Coach/Auburn/Black Diamond/Covington/Kent/Maple Valley/Renton



M.S., Sport & Exercise Science - Sport Administration Emphasis, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO

B.S., Physical Education with Taekwondo Specialty, Yong-In University, South Korea (Entered at the top of the class)


Taekwondo 7th Dan Black Belt

International Taekwondo Master, 3rd Grade

Teacher's Certificate in Physical Education

Taekwondo Coaching, 2nd Grade

Taekwondo Referee, 3rd Grade

Microsoft Office Specialist

Sport and Recreation Leaders, 3rd Grade

Sports Massage, 2nd Grade

Chiropractor, 2nd Grade


2017 – 2020 Head Master Instructor & Director, World Class Martial Arts, Vancouver, WA

2014 – 2016 Project Manager, Adidas Gymnastics in Korea 

2013 – 2014 Sales & Marketing Manager, Adidas Boxing & Martial Arts in Korea

2013 – 2013 Lecturer, Shinsung University, Chungnam, South Korea

2013 – 2013 Martial Arts Instructor, UAE Ministry of Interior Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2012 – 2012 Taekwondo Instructor, Seoul Club, Seoul, South Korea

2011 – 2012 Event Intern, USA Taekwondo(National Governing Body), Colorado Springs, CO 

2006 – 2007 Intern Instructor, White Tiger Taekwondo School, Cary, NC

2006 – 2006 Taekwondo Assistant Coach, Gyeongju Wolseong Middle & Business High School, Gyeongbuk, South Korea

2004 – 2006 Taekwondo Assistant Coach, Heungmu Elementary School, Gyeongbuk, South Korea


2012 Meritorious Award (arresting an indecent assault suspect), Gwanak Police Station, Seoul, South Korea

2011 International student scholarship, Center for International Education, University of Northern Colorado

2011 Graduate school scholarship, School of Sport and Exercise Science, University of Northern Colorado

2008 Meritorious Award, Korean Taekwondo Association, South Korea

2008 Yong-In University Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievements, South Korea

2007 Yong-In University Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievements, South Korea

2002 Yong-In University Scholarship for First on the List at Admission, South Korea



2008 Yong-In University Taekwondo Demonstration Contest, Highest & Furthest Kick-breaking, 1st Place, South Korea

2008 Yong-In University King of Taekwondo Contest, Team Match, 2nd Place, South Korea

2008 Yong-In University Taekwondo Sparring Competition, Team Match, 2nd place, South Korea

2007 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships, Heavy Weight (Form), 1st Place, Orlando, FL

2007 World Taekwondo Hanmadang, Jumping Kick-breaking, 3rd Place, South Korea

2007 Yong-In University Taekwondo Sparring Competition, +75kg, 3rd Place, South Korea

2007 Yong-In University Taekwondo Form Competition, Creative Form, 2nd Place, South Korea

2007 Yong-In University Taekwondo Demonstration Contest, Highest & Furthest Kick-breaking, 1st Place, South Korea

2002 Yong-In University Taekwondo Sparring Competition, +75kg, 3rd Place, South Korea

2001 Nike 3on3 Basketball League, High school youth group, 1st Place, South Korea



2014 – 2015 Asian Taekwondo Union – Marketing TF Team, South Korea

2010 – 2011 SMRI (Sports Marketing Research Institute), University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO 

2008 - 2009 National Taekwondo Demonstration Team of South Korea

2008 Taekwondo Demonstration, Korea-China Cultural Festival, Beijing, China

2002 - 2009 Yong-In University Taekwondo Demonstration Team, South Korea

2007 Taekwondo Demonstration, Asia Electronics Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2007 Taekwondo Demonstration (invited by the Korean Ambassador), Jakarta, Indonesia

2003 Demonstration Tour around the American Continent

2003 Taekwondo Demonstration, 1 st Yong-In University Presidential Cup International Taekwondo Championship, Harvard University, MA, USA

2002 Taekwondo Demonstration, Gyeong-Gi World Tae-kwon-do Cultural Festival, South Korea

2002 Taekwondo Demonstration, Korea-Japan World Cup, South Korea

Peak Taekwondo-Torunament_auburn-black diamond-covington-kent-maple valley-renton.jpg


Master Kim's Peak Taekwondo is a member of KUKKIWON.

KUKKIWON's Black Belt certificate means you are officially certified by the governing body of Taekwondo in the world. The Kukkiwon Taekwondo training program and certification ensure the standardization of Taekwondo.

To participate in official national competitions provided by USA Taekwondo, international competitions provided by World Taekwondo, and the Olympics, Kukkiwon's Black Belt certificate is required.


Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical fighting skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind. Today, it has become a global sport that has gained an international reputation and stands among the official games in the Olympics. 

Taekwondo is very different from many such oriental martial arts. First, physically it is very dynamic with active movements that include a mirage of foot skills. Second, the principal physical movements are in simpatico with that of the mind and life as a whole. Third, it possesses dynamic poses from another perspective. 


Taekwondo pursues harmonious growth and improvements in life through its unique activities. This is why one could say Taekwondo is a way of life. ​


5 tenets of Taekwondo:





Indomitable spirit




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